Note: Under the current political environment, MedAid is inactive. If the political environment changes and MedAid's humanitarian license is renewed, MedAid will be reactivated.

Volunteer for MedAid

We are seeking motivated, committed volunteers to help in these areas:

Help us raise funds to sustain and expand our mission. From hosting events to running campaigns, you can make a substantial contribution to our success.

Website Development and Network Administration
Help us build out our website and enhance our office network.

Marketing and Education
Help us introduce our programs to your colleagues. We will give you all the materials to help educate your friends, coworkers and neighbors about our mission and how they can participate in our programs.

Special Projects
If you reside in the Austin area, we invite you to volunteer at our offices. At any given time, we run a variety of projects from administrative and research activities to packing boxes of medical aid and reviewing incoming donations.

Medical Experts
If you are a doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist or other medical professional, we could use your help to revise and enrich our donation lists, pinpointing our efforts to the most urgent needs.

We would also like to hear your ideas for volunteer projects. To volunteer for any of these opportunities, please contact us via email ( We look forward to working with you!

MedAid would especially like to thank Jesus Magan, John Schmidt, Trey Simonton, Leslie Wolke, Bill Hornung, Frances and Stephen Magee, Chet Hornung, MAP International, Caritas Cubana, Rosa Tejada, Abel and America Milo, Maris Stella Ostrewich, Dr. Rolando Camacho, Lori Dupree, Harper Montgomery, the Flohr Foundation, Glaxo, Casa de las Americas, Travis Medical, Igor Kirman, Diann Boehm, and many others for their professionalism, inspiration, dedication and generosity.

MedAid is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas.